Chicago is perhaps best known for its music, culture and love affair with the mafia. The city is a smoldering cauldron of history, legend and lore. Countless people hailing from the Windy City have stolen the spotlight, and many headlines, over the years and when Chicago native Jennifer Swift left her hometown and headed west, she never dreamed she’d find herself in both.

Drawing of Jennifer Swift.At age 19 Jennifer said goodbye to Chi Town and set her sights on Southern California. She was looking to continue her education, and also to help her sister with her young daughter. She began taking courses at Goldenwest College in Huntington Beach, CA and the transition from the Midwest seemed suit Jennifer Swift just fine.

Soon after settling in, Jennifer met Manager Brandt Stebbins… and her future was rewritten.

Stebbins, a highly successful manager in the entertainment industry, initially saw a marketable face and image he knew people would respond to. But he soon realized that Ms. Swift had abilities that could carry her far beyond just photos and magazines, Brandt wanted to invest and see just how far Jennifer Swift’s career could go if given the right opportunities.

Wanting to make sure her portfolio was razor sharp, Brandt booked Jen a photo shoot with Justice Howard, one of the hottest photographers in LA. Together, they sought to create a portfolio that showcases Jennifer’s sex appeal in a powerful yet tasteful manner. The images immediately found their way into the pages of Rebel Rodz magazine.

Jennifer Swift was officially introduced to the masses. It didn’t take long for others to catch on and soon TapouT Magazine came calling. TapouT Magazine is a national publication that covers the sport of mixed martial arts. They knew fight fans needed to meet Ms. Swift, and for the first time in the history of the magazine they opened an extra page to accommodate Jennifer’s body of work. With Georges St. Pierre on the cover, TapouT 39 hit the newsstands and Ms. Swift became Ms. TapouT for thousands of fans across the US and Canada.

Even though this was her first exposure in a mixed martial arts magazine, this was not Jennifer’s first exposure to MMA. While living in Huntington Beach, Jennifer met MMA legend Kimo Leopoldo and he introduced her to the sport via fight night footage of some of the greatest fights in sports history. One of those fights was Kimo’s own when he fought Royce Gracie in the UFC. Jennifer was hooked.

Jennifer Swift as a ring girl at MMAJennifer soon became a popular attraction at several high-dollar fight promotions where she would make appearances as a ring card girl. She has worked for several promotions including the then major organization ProElite. Eventually, she began to pop up in several MMA news features, fight night photos and autograph signings. It seemed everywhere you turned, she was there…and making strong contacts with fighters, celebrities and fight promoters.

Once again, TapouT Magazine came calling. This time the publication was asking Jennifer Swift to return to her role as Ms. TapouT, but as a writer, and a journalist. Her assignment…find celebrities who love mixed martial arts, book photo shoots, interviews, and more…then bring the story home. Immediately she reached into her bag of tricks and turned in a rare interview with photos of Cypress Hill’s charismatic front man B-Real.

She followed up with several exclusive interviews with celebrities like Jackass’ Steve-O, Ice-T and more. She even proved she was willing to take a beating for a story, as she learned a few hard lessons in Judo from UFC Champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey.

Does she do a good job? Ms. TapouT left enough of an impression on B-Real for him to invite her to be his co-host on his popular internet show. His show is seen daily by thousands of Cypress Hill fans, and it has afforded Jennifer yet another audience for her brand.

The term ‘triple threat’ may be cliché, but Jennifer Swift is anything but. From model, to journalist, and now actress appearing in a high-budget Limp Bizkit video…it truly seems as if the Windy City blew a shining star over the California sky. She came out of her corner swinging, and with all she has accomplished so far…Jennifer Swift is redefining the term “knockout.”